"Business gets better
when people get better"



About the Founder and Principle

Having been both employer and employee during her career for over thirty years, Phyllis J. Outlaw brings a dual perspective to C L R Seminars. As an employer, she fine-tuned the delivery of quality legal and counseling services to hundreds of clients. As an employee with the government and the private sector, Ms. Outlaw enhanced her skills in teamwork. Her hands-on experience provides a unique insight into customer and employer/employee relations that adds a valuable dimension to our programs. Ms. Outlaw has produced and hosted several call-in radio shows on controversial issues. As moderator, she facilitates open dialogue by bridging the gap between persons with opposing views.

She has made guest appearances on radio and television including CNN's "Burden of Proof", "Evening Exchange", Kweisi Mfume's "The Bottom Line", C-Span's "Fox News", The Wisdom Channel, and several shows on BET, WUSA -TV, WYCB, WPFW and WDCU.

Ms. Outlaw is very active in national and local business, community, political and social organizations. She appears as guest speaker for various churches, schools and organizations. Ms. Outlaw also founded Professionals for Political Education, an organization designed to educate the community on the political process. She has successfully campaigned and been elected to hold several political offices in Washington, D.C.

In addition, Ms. Outlaw has appeared in several issues of Jet Magazine and Ebony Magazine. She was featured in American Magazine as the person she truly is --- "A Woman with a Vision".

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